A yellow utensil that will make all ovens work efficiently!

Gears are materials that can either be gifted or requested by neighbors to assemble appliances for recreational purposes or for the in-game goals/quests. They can not be acquired with coins or gems. A successful chef has a lot of friends, that can help him out when he needs materials!

Directions Edit

To send gears to your friends, you will need to swipe a lot across the screen until you find it! It is not easy to spot gears in the entire gifting section. But don't give up, it's right next to the fuses and the knobs.

  • Click on Social
  • Click on Gift next to the neighbor you want to sent gears to
  • Under the All tab swipe at least 19 times to the left
  • You found Gear!
Gifting Gear

Appliances Edit